Artisan Illumination

Light is synonymous with comfort, warmth, and contentment - everything that we strive for in designing our living spaces. So it's justifiable that light fixtures that provide illumination in our homes hold a special place as key features in interior design, and should be works of art in their own right.

Margy Picot artisan illuminations are unique, one of a kind pieces - combining antique to mid-century lamp bases married with exotic natural fibre textiles.

Authentic lamp bases are sourced from around the world, and to these unique objet d'art Margy brings her talents in sourcing and hand-working fabrics and textiles from far corners of the earth, such as Japanese silks, African Wax prints, and quality linens. Margy Picot's artisan creations are designed to enhance any living space, and there is something in her range to suit any interior design.

Read more about Margy's process here. Or Download the current Catalogue here, and see the range of Margy Picot creations available.

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