About Margy Picot


Margy has been working at creating her artisan illuminations for several years, and greatly enjoys the melding of exotic natural fibre textiles to authentic lamp bases, often working it to suit a particular interior design aesthetic.

"I have always loved fabric and in recent years have admired the Japanese aesthetic, their gardens living interiors and their fabrics. About three years ago I became interested in kimono fabric particularly.
These silks diffuse light beautifully so I began to learn how to make lamp shades out of them."

Another passion of mine is interior design. I began looking for antique and mid century modern lamp bases to marry with the shades. It is the process of sourcing the fabric and basesĀ  andĀ  then producing an item that is unique. Bringing new light to an old subject, so to speak .

There are so many beautiful fabrics to be found both in New Zealand and other countries. The fabrics I use are natural fibre such as silk, linens, cottons. They come from all over the world such as the Kimono silks, African wax prints, pure cottons, and good quality linens.

Margy is always on the lookout for inspiration, whether from a new unique find in a lamp base, or in some new find in natural textile. Inspiration and passion drive Margy with her work - learning, seeking new bases and materials, and the creation of her artisan illuminations are "Fun, and bring huge pleasure".


Lamp bases are sourced from around the world. Margy has an eye trained by experience and love of design, seeking out unusual and unique aspects, colour, form, size, distinction, and 'wow factor'. Often it's the little details that catch her eye:

"Some of the lamps have interesting features such as little pull chains to operate the light, or delicately made brass filigree, have original hand painting or intricate finials as added decoration."

The process of then finding the right fabric for a lamp base has many aspects to it.

The skill of complementing the style of the base, colour, patterns, details, is taken into consideration when choosing textiles, trims, and shade shape. The fabrics themselves are imported from all over the world - African Wax prints, Indian silks, and one of Margy's special favourites, Japanese Kimono silks, are among the unique, natural fibre fabrics worked with.

"The interior it is going into is also important to consider, when making a customized shade for a client."

Margy's craftsmanship comes into play after textile selection, hand-working the fabrics over frames and applying any trims. The years of experience in her handwork are evident, and the end result of all this labour of love, is her artisan illuminations.

What Makes Margy Picot Creations Artisan?

Artisan Craftsmanship

each piece is hand worked; fabrics are personally chosen to work with the base, and applied with trims to the lampshade.


each piece is an authentic, personally chosen antique to mid-century lamp base.


each piece is a one-off piece; there are no limited editions, no production runs, and no mass produced work.

Unique textiles

are sourced from around the world; time and talent are used to select fabrics that perfectly compliment the lamp bases.

Margy does customized solutions where required - if you are looking for something particular for yourself or for a client's interior design, don't hesitate to contact Margy Picot here.

Margy Works with Interior designers and resellers, and can recommend particular lamps to suit any interior design, or work closely with you to customize a solution to meet your requirements. Learn more here.